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AirMAG E Style is CreateLED's high-performance and quite popular indoor HD LED display for both rental and fixed installations. Ultra light and innovative thin modular design support a convenient installation for both hanging and stacking. It makes an ideal solution for large events, high-end restaurant, cinemas and exhibitions. The finest pixel pitch and outstanding color processing ensure an excellent performance in TV studios and high-level video conference.

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AirMAG-E Overview

What makes it so real ?

UHD, Ultra light and thin, true seamless stitching
Brilliant colors, breathtaking grayscales
Indoor Rental or fixed installation
Pixel configuration: Black body SMD 3 in 1
Servicing: Front and back

AirMAG-E Style is ideally suited for use in Video Monitoring Command Centers, Radio and Television, Station, High-Level Video Conference, Cinemas, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Stores and other places.

AirMAG-E Features

Superior Color Performance

      3 in 1 Black body SMD LEDs deliver the deepest black levels and phenomenal contrast ratio of Over 4,000:1, which grandly helps to create vivid and brilliant colors.
      Even in low light conditions, AirMAG-European still has exceptional display quality and retains the high-definition effects, without any color casts, stains or blocks.

True Seamless Splicing

      New generation quick lock system design and precise CNC processing ensure a tolerance less than 0.1mm.
      Grooved design and magnetic structure truely realize seamless matching and present a vivid display effect.
      Replacing seamless LCD and DLP projection display products, AirMAG-European provides customers with high quality display solutions suitable for information display, brand promotion, advertising, etc.

Ultra light and thin
Superb Technology

      Only 36kg/sqm, with structure and cables included.
      High-quality die-casting aluminum alloy is created by high-precision machining, ensuring complete panel flatness.
      It can be created in any size, direction and shape without black seams appearing between units.

Quick installation
Easier Maintenance

      Front-side maintenance, special connector design and improved magnetic clocking module design, ensure the safety of dismantling and increase the efficiency of maintenance by 3 times.
      Full front/ back for indoor and outdoor use. (with IP 65 serviceable for outdoor )
      Fanless design ensures its whisper-quiet operation.

Extra Wide Viewing Angle

      Extra wide viewing angle of 160ツー, with exceptional picture quality in all circumstances.

Application Cases

Star Alliance

LED display screen and video wall manufacturer, Shenzhen CreateLED Electronics, recently cooperated with a group of world-renowned designers to creates the highest ceiling LED display which also is the highest resolution one in the world, for Star Alliance.

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CreateLED Electronics Co.,Ltd. is a professional LED manufacturer that develops, manufactures and markets LED video solutions for multiple indoor and outdoor applications, including Control & Command Center, advertising display solution, media and entertainment events and sports screen solution across the globe. The products field covers standard LED display, AirMAG and AirULTRA series.

Whether you are a Stage designer, Project Manager, Advertising company owner, or a trusted partner of media & entertainment, CreateLED is fully focused on what you need. CreateLED employs the most advanced technology, under a strict and effective quality control system, with an efficient customer oriented service system to ensure that its LED video screen continue satisfying customers all around the world.